Wednesday September 20 , 2017
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General Info

We offer the following services:

  • Silicon Imaging 2K rental
  • DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) and DAS (Digital Acquisition Supervisor) service provided
  • Convertion and reviewing of footage on set
  • Editor on set service
  • Preliminary color grading on set service
  • Digital developing of RAW files – transcodification
  • Color grading
  • Offline-Online editing

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SI2K Camera

Silicon Imaging designs cameras thinking about the needs of different independent film makers. The SI-2K cameras combine a DCI-spec 2K sensor with the innovative " Visually Perfect ® CineForm RAW ™ codec " of CineForm, integrated in an Intel Core Duo 2 architecture.

This delivers a DTD recording platform of unprecedented image quality, 10 F-stops of dynamic range, a 7 " LCD touchscreen interface, an OLED electronic viewfinder, friendly IT connectivity (Integrated Technology), operation by batteries and up to 4 hours of recording in a notebook “hotswap”hard disk of 160GB.

The SI-2K series uses a single 2/3 " CMOS sensor of wide format, with a chip converter of 12 - bit A/D, for a simple step of "sensor to disc", minimizing the noise and maximizing the dynamic status.

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Color Grading

Fractal has a post-production suite designed especially for color correction and color grading.

The room is oriented to give post-production support for RAW files generated by SI2K, but can work with any digital form file, including files of the Red One, P2, XDCAM or 35mm scans.

The main application, SpeedGrade HD, allows the color correction of digital files of any format, including many types of RAW files.

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