Friday August 18 , 2017
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Color Grading

Fractal has a post-production suite designed especially for color correction and color grading.

The room is oriented to give post-production support for RAW files generated by SI2K, but can work with any digital form file, including files of the Red One, P2, XDCAM or 35mm scans.

The main application, SpeedGrade HD, allows the color correction of digital files of any format, including many types of RAW files.

The tools include primary and secondary corrections, free-form masks, pan-scan and shaders. All parameters can be animated to allow a dynamic behavior of the corrections.

Color adjustments are applied to the image via the GPU. Corrections, masks and wipes are saved in editable XML format, enabling collaboration with other applications.

The ability to import an EDL makes SpeedGrader HD a perfect complement to pre-edit with applications like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere, then color grade and re-export the session for the online.


  • Speedgrade HD, Final Cut Studio, Adobe Premiere with Prospect 4K
  • MacPro with external Raid5
  • Gretag MacBeth (XRite) Eye One probe to calibrate displays and projector
  • JLCooper Spectrum touch pad to control SpeedGradeade


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